february 11, 2016

The Hardcore Yearmix 2015 is now available! The mix is free however if you enjoy it please consider sending me a small donation through PayPal.


001.Jason S – Intro: Where are we, when are we?
002.Alien T – The hammer of the Devil
003.The Wishmaster – Never say never
004.Advanced Dealer – NSTFR
005.Alien T – Existence verified #TiH
006.Tha Playah, Neophyte & The Viper – Rebel dizz #TiH
007.Art of Fighters – Words of war
008.Furyan – Bombshell
009.Pandorum – Conspiracy
010.Kasparov – Infected by madness #TiH (Amnesys RMX)
011.Wasted Mind – Paradise
012.Re-Style & Bass-D – Keep freakin
013.Triax – Out of line
014.Amnesys feat. MC Axys – Shockwave
015.N-Vitral – Crispy bassdrum
016.Unexist & OGM909 – Guns blazing
017.Bloodcage – Bloodline
018.Angerfist – Circus circus
019.Nosferatu – Assassinator style
020.The Melodyst – Black mirror
021.Dyprax – The future (Tha Playah RMX)
022.Tha Playah & DJ Promo feat. Snowflake – Down below
023.The Melodyst – Raveolusion
024.Tommyknocker – Wild
025.DJ Promo & Ophidian – Unacceptable
026.Ophidian feat. EJ Grob & William F. DeVault – Nightfall angel (VIP)
027.OMI feat. Broken Minds – Wake up
028.Dyprax – Break your back
029.The Viper & Neophyte – First aid
030.Nosferatu & Art of Fighters – Devil’s mind #TiH
031.The Viper & Nosferatu – Kingdom come
032.Quitara – Destiny
033.DJ Mad Dog & AniMe – Ama shishi
034.Nosferatu – The wild side
035.DJ Mad Dog feat. MC Jeff – A real voice #TiH
036.Tommyknocker – Never surrender
037.DJ Mad Dog feat. Rob Gee – Namaste motherfuckers
038.The Melodyst – New dawn
039.DJ Mad Dog – Not my tempo
040.Dyprax – Miscreant
041.Tommyknocker feat. MC Jeff – Sinner
042.The Wishmaster – Party your ass off
043.DJ Mad Dog – Good old times
044.AniMe & Rob Gee – You get me high
045.Tha Playah & Nosferatu – Riders of retaliation (official Dominator 2015 anthem)
046.The Melodyst – Fallen angels
047.DJ Mad Dog feat. MC Nolz & MC Syco – The apocalypse (official Unity anthem 2015)
048.Tommyknocker – Nobody stopping this
049.Bodyshock feat. MC Jeff – Legacy (Masters of Hardcore 2015 anthem)
050.Triax & Predator – The enemy list
051.Counterfeit & Negative A – Self acclaimed criminals (Angerfist RMx)
052.D-Passion – Evolution
053.N-Vitral – Hard energy
054.Unexist feat. The Void – Blaze it up
055.The DJ Producer – The last great overdose (Ophidian revision)
056.The Outside Agency – Prepare to die
057.The DJ Producer – Last man standing (The Outside Agency revision)
058.The Outside Agency & N-Vitral – Sam’s gospel
059.D-Passion & Ophidian – Distortination
060.Evil Activities – Go fuck yourself
061.Nosferatu – Sanctity of space
062.Dyprax feat. MC Nolz – Posse of the hard (official Syndicate anthem 2015)
063.Angerfist & Neophyte feat. MC Alee & Diesel – Fight with anger
064.Synthax – Party & bullshit
065.Dione Vs Rotterdam Terror Corps – We make you feel
066.Furyan – Slapeloosheid
067.D-Fence – Krakaka
068.Unexist & Satronica – Fuck the system (Amnesys RMX)
069.Dyprax – Running scared
070.Miss K8 – The poison
071.Furyan & Tieum – Clutch
072.Korsakoff & DaY-mar feat. Erik Lindeman – Hurt
073.Deathmachine – Lost light
074.Igneon System – Crisis situation (N-Vitral RMX)
075.N-Vitral & Sei2ure – Noise pumper
076.DJIPE – Beatdown
077.Partyraiser Vs Destructive Tendencies – Sound becomes one
078.Destructive Tendencies Vs F.Noize – Ameno
079.Furyan – Rugged
080.Icha – Killing time
081.The Melodyst & Art of Fighters – Hardcore domination
082.Icha feat. MC Alee – Beast #TiH
083.The Melodyst – C.O.R.E.
084.Amnesys – Embrace the ultimate (official Harmony of Hardcore 2015 anthem)
084.D-Passion – Reanimate
085.Art of Fighters & Meccano Twins – Hear me coming
086.Meccano Twins – Divine energy #TiH
087.Destructive Tendencies Vs Andy The Core – Drugs & alcohol abuse
088.The Sickest Squad Vs Tieum feat. Kraken – Swingbeat #TiH (VIP Sickcore RMX)
089.Tieum – One more
090.Tieum feat. The Punisher & Sutter Kain – Disorder (official Ground Zero 2015 anthem)
091.The Anunnaki & Sei2ure – SD & RR
092.StereoType – Fuck it up
093.Meccano Twins – The man sacrifice
094.Nosferatu – Not giving a shit
095.Triax – Mad as fuck
096.Dyprax & Crossfiyah – Made me a weapon
097.D-Force & Basetronic – Fuck me
098.Angerfist & Dr. Peacock – Caveman
099.Sei2ure – Deathwish
100.System Overload feat. MC Rampage – Geen genade
101.D-Passion – Richtingloze teringherrie
102.Andy The Core feat. MC A.D.K. – The last one (don’t fuck with Andy the Core)
103.Rotterdam Terror Corps Vs SRB – Attack the flow
104.SRB – Rocket Jesus

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