january 24, 2016

It’s that time of the year again! The Hardcore Yearmix is almost upon us! Here is all the info you need, including a CD cover and a wallpaper for your desktop!

This year the Hardcore Yearmix 2015 will once again be broadcast on Hardcoreradio on february 10 starting at 19:00 CET. This year we also have a CD cover for you:

And for those who like to decorate their desktop here is a wallpaper for you:

As you know for the past couple of years the Hardcore Yearmix has been absolutely free, and rest assured it will stay that way. However it does take Jason a lot of time and hard work each year to deliver the Hardcore Yearmix and we know some of you out there would like to reward Jason for his hard work on this annual tradition.

So now you can! Right now Jason is accepting PayPal donations for his work on the Hardcore Yearmix. So, in short, if you think you will enjoy the new Yearmix, or if you’ve enjoyed the past Yearmixes and you want to send a little cash Jason’s way as a way of saying thank you please click the Donate button:


All donations of 5 euro or more will receive a download link to an excluse megamix mixed by Jason S which will never be publicly released.

2 Responses to “Hardcore Yearmix 2015: Info, cover & wallpaper”

  1. Daan

    Ik was te laat met inschakelen, ben weer benieuwd! Wanneer is de Yearmix te downloaden of te beluisteren? 😉

    Ben ‘fan’ van het eerste uur. 😛

  2. Jason_S

    Vanaf morgenmiddag kun je de mix hier downloaden!


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