January 29, 2015

The annual tradition has arrived once again. The Hardcore Yearmix 2014. N-joy! 

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001.Jason S – Intro: A powerful new source is about to hit
002.E-Noid – Living in darkness
003.DJ Promo – B-side shit
004.Tha Playah – Der craft #TiH
005.DJ Mad Dog – Illegal
006.Neophyte feat. Alee – No fucking game #TiH
007.Neophyte & Zany feat. Alee & Diesel – Gas erop!
008.Art Of Fighters – Keep on rocking #TiH
009.Neophyte & The Viper – I am Phoenix
010.Tommyknocker & Armageddon Project – Thy kingdom fall
011.Catscan & Armageddon Project – Wasp
012.Counterfeit – Wearing your face
013.Tommyknocker & Amnesys – Disrespect
014.Synthax – Never gonna change #TiH
015.DJ Mad Dog feat. Lenny Dee – Rude motherfuckers
016.Advanced Dealer – War God #TiH
017.Advanced Dealer feat. Jessica Pearson – We are the freaks
018.Pandorum – No surviving
019.Placid K – G member (Placid K 8pm RMX)
020.Angerfist & Radical Redemption – Messenger of God
021.Furyan – Teknology
022.Prankster – Afraid
023.Amnesys & Tommyknocker feat. Jessica Pearson – Eliminate
024.Art of Fighters, Synthax & Xcite – Creatures of the night
025.Crossfiyah – Depths of truth
026.Toneshifterz – Wild wild weekend (The Qontinent anthem 2014)(Kasparov RMX)
027.Ophidian – The middle children (The Viper RMX)
028.Furyan – Perspectives
029.DJ D – Imagine (Endymion RMX)
030.Endymion feat. Remy Rond – Violent episode
031.Endymion – Back to life
032.State of Emergency – Space invaders
033.Tommyknocker – Before you go #TiH
034.Predator & Lowroller – Lunacy
035.E-Noid – God and the Devil
036.D-Passion – The maximum
037.N-Vitral & Triax – The reaper
038.Ophidian & Hamunaptra – Beyond dusk and dawn (official Ground Zero 2014 hardcore anthem)
039.D-Passion feat. DJ Promo – Back to Hell
040.Lowroller – #Weekend
041.Endymion – Let the bass fuck up this place #TiH
042.Angerfist – Knock knock
043.Anime – Cowards
044.DJ Mad Dog feat. MC Jeff – The future
045.Endymion – Gladiator
046.Miss K8 feat. MC Nolz – Metropolis of massacre (official Dominator 2014 anthem)
047.The Viper – Control the refix
048.Angerfist & Evil Activities & E-Life – Outta control
049.Meccano Twins – Dissolution (The Melodyst RMX)
050.DJ Promo feat. Minckz – Everything hurts
051.Korsakoff – Lyra
052.Endymion & Art of Fighters – God is a gangster
053.Synthax – Ignition
054.Dyprax – Betrayed
055.The Viper & Kasparov feat. MC Alee & Diesel – Meltdown
056.The Wishmaster – Surrender
057.Kid Morbid – Hunt u down
058.DJ Promo – Airwalker
059.The Stunned Guys – Shock the audience #TiH
060.Masters of Ceremony – Rocking with the best (Prankster & Synthax RMX)
061.Hellsystem feat. MC Axys – Disillusion
062.Hellsystem feat. Ellie – Monster
063.Amnesys – Big bang
064.Nitrogenetics – Inside your head (Furyan RMX)
065.2 Brothers on the 4th Floor – Come take my hand (The Viper RMX)
066.Dazzler & Personal Rival – Find myself
067.DJ D & The Viper – Loose control (Dirty Bastards RMX)
068.Re-Style & Korsakoff – Rebellion
069.Evil Activities – Live ammunition
070.The Melodyst – Reject
071.Dyprax & Bodyshock – Ominous
072.Nosferatu – The wild side
073.DJ Mad Dog – Rewind #TiH
074.Kasparov & System Shock feat. Diesel – Dedication
075.Nitrogenetics feat. Nick Drone – Reign destruction
076.DJ Promo – Anticipation
077.N-Vitral – Sicko cell
078.Synapse – Catastrophy
079.Negative A & Counterfeit – Tested on animals
080.Synapse & Sei2ure – Politics
081.N-Vitral & Deathmachine – Time to meet the Devil
082.The Outside Agency – No one but you
083.I:gor – Game tight
084.The Outside Agency – Hours & dreams
085.Lunatic & Miss Hysteria – Universal threat (Sei2ure RMX)
086.Lunatic & Miss Hysteria – What really matters
087.Tieum & Angerfist – Dirty man
088.Kasparov – Infected by madness #TiH
089.T-Junction & Rudeboy – Way out your leagues
090.Nosferatu & E-Life – Manslaughter (official Syndicate 2014 anthem)
091.Tha Playah feat. MC Tha Watcher – Eternal (official Masters of Hardcore 2014 anthem)
092.Evil Activities – Dead man walking #TiH
093.Dirty Bastards – Soldiers
094.Catscan & Predator – Liberate
095.Nevaro – Insanity #TiH
096.Angerfist – Burn this MF down
097.Ruffneck & Ophidian – Hardcore unity (Fantasy Island Festival 2014 anthem)
098.Dione – Locked and loaded
099.Meccano Twins – Fracture #TiH
100.Dione – Take it away
101.Nevaro feat. Restrained – The storm
102.Destructive Tendencies – I’ll let you have your day
103.Neophyte Records Allstars – Door het dak!
104.Unexist & Tieum – Hands around my neck
105.Partyraiser feat. Mouth Of Madness – Look when you shoot
106.Tha Playah – Driven by hate
107.SRB – Ready to die
108.Art of Fighters – Goodbye (see you next time)
109.SRB – Down under booster
110.Jason S – A word from our sponsor Los Pollos Hermanos

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